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Online Professional Development Once I finished my classes in June, as well as my Comps (Comprehensive Mid-Program Meeting) I had more time off then I have had since a summer in early high school. Admittedly I took a couple weeks to just veg out and relax. My brain was fried and I was exhausted. Once I recouped  I decided to try to use my time as wisely as I could before classes begin again in late August. So I started looking for free online professional development opportunities that would be beneficial for me to complete as I head into internship. Here is what I found:

Suicide Prevention Online Training:
Suicide Prevention Online Training provided by Suicide Prevention Resource Center. So far I have completed two of the training modules and I am in the midst of a third. Each training can take anywhere from an hour to 15 hours to complete. There are 5 sections total:
The ones I have completed have been full of great information, as well as resources that I can print off and add to my Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention Plan for suicide, self-injury, and violence (this is a link to the parts of my plan that are in a word document)


Bully Prevention Specialist Training:    

ASCA (The American School Counselor Association) is also offering a free online training as a Bully Prevention Specialist as part of their ASCA-U program. The training involves reading multiple articles, a few books, and watching a couple webinars. Successfully completing several quizzes and creating a curriculum action plan is also required. Being on a limited graduate student budget I am unable to purchase the books on my own; however, I did contact James Madison University’s library. My timing was great seeing how the new fiscal year is underway. The librarian informed me that the books would be purchased to add to the library’s collection. Score! I have started reading the articles and am using Nook Study to help me keep track of the information. More information about the quizzes and action plan will be sent out in the Fall by ASCA.


CollegeBoard Fall Counselor Workshop 2013:

CollegeBoard offers workshops for school counselors, as well. They have two types of online workshops – 1 is for new high school counselors (two or fewer years) and 1 for veteran school counselors (three or more years). These are available at different times & days in the fall. They also offer FREE in-person workshops around the country. Both sound like a great opportunity. I will be joining the online workshop for new counselors on Thursday September 19th and am hopeful that this will be helpful for me as I embark on interning at the high school level. In addition to the workshops, they also have resources that are full of “vital” information for high school counselors. Have you ever participated in a CollegeBoard workshop?


Have you found or completed any free professional development training online this summer?

Do you plan on taking advantage of ASCA-U bullying prevention specialist training?

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