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School Climate: It’s Important

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School ClimateOne of my last assignments in graduate school was to pick an area of concern in the field of education. I chose to focus on school climate. This topic is something that I feel is extremely important and there are many reasons why. The primary reason is that it impacts everyone within the school and can have major implications if the school has a negative climate and can create huge gains if it is positive. The good news is that we, as school counselors, can do something about it. School Climate is made up of 4 different areas: safety, relationships, learning, and institutional environment. In my paper I focused on safety & the Olweus Bullying Program; however, there are so many more ways we can focus on school climate. 


I thought to post this information after Beth Mertens (@mertensminute & tweeted out a question looking for examples of school climate surveys. Here are links to examples of (free) school climate surveys:

Teaching Tolerance:

Ontario Ministry of Education:

Survey Monkey (I am not sure what school made this):


Take a peak at what I wrote on the topic here (my online portfolio). 


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