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Crosswalking Standards

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Recently I wrote about two lessons (mindfulness & Maya Angelou) that involved crosswalking school counseling standards with learning standards. In Virginia we have our own Standards of Learning (SOLs), but I understand many states use the Common Core Standards. No matter what learning standards your state’s Department of Education uses you can still crosswalk standards.


What is crosswalking?

Crosswalking is creating a lesson that covers standards from one of more subjects. For example, I created a GRIP to display data from a Salvaging Sisterhood group I did this past spring with middle school girls. Within the GRIP I stated the standards I was meeting, since addressing the standards would help us meet our goal for the group. Within the GRIP I list the ASCA student standards, the VA School Counseling Standards, and the Virginia SOLs covered during the five weeks we met.

Is it a lot of work?

Initially I thought it would be a ton of work, but once I became familiar with the SOLs it became much easier for me to align my lessons with all three sets of standards.

Why do it?

If teachers know that you are willing to address standards that they are also addressing in their classroom then it makes collaboration a lot easier. It also may make some teachers more willing to give up instructional time if they see that you are also covering learning standards during your classroom counseling lessons.

Are there any resources to help?

Of course! Check these out:

Wisconsin School Counseling Benchmarks Crosswalked

This website has examples of how school counselors in Altoona crosswalked school counseling standards with learning standards in grades 4, 8, 12. It is a great example to view. I could see using these documents as a template in the future.

The Center for Excellence in School Counseling & Leadership (CESCaL)

CESCaL has A TON of resources on crosswalking. I haven’t looked through them all since there are so many but hopefully you can find something that fits your needs here. You do have to have a log in but it is free. To find the resources just click on the ASCA model tab at the top of the home page. You should be able to find information on crosswalking at the top, under foundation.

ASCA National Standards: Developmental Crossswalk Tool

This tool lists all of the ASCA standards, as well as boxes to check off the standards you have covered. This could be extremely useful when planning your school counseling program for the year. It has the standards broken down by domain and then has separate check boxes for the grade levels.

Here you can find an example of the ASCA form filled in, but you have to be signed into CESCaL (its free to register!).

Virginia School Counseling Standards Crosswalk Tool 

Starting on page 30 you will find all the school counseling standards are written out and then an area to plan out activities or lessons to cover this topic.

West Virginia Crosswalk Tool

This tool lists the school counseling standards and then has areas to mark or make notes in relating to core content areas. Check out Appendix E to see what I am talking about.

Also try doing a Google search for your state + school counseling crosswalk standards to see if someone has a template that would be more applicable to you.

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