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NYC (1)I received an exciting email this afternoon from Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers instructional materials, videos, and opportunities to practice materials learned for free through their website. They have information on a variety of subjects ranging from math and science to art history and computer programming… and a special section for the AP Art History test too!

The Khan Academy has partnered with college board to offer FREE SAT & PSAT practice materials including 4 full-length practice tests, quizzes, and interactive practice & feedback. They also have a great video explaining the difference between the current SAT and the new one that begins in March of 2016.

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Hey there! I started blogging about my experiences through graduate school and now have continued as a working school counselor. I am currently working in an elementary school but try hard to keep up-to-date on all things school counselor, as well as topics in education. I hope to share ideas, document what I am doing, network, be inspired, inspire, and collaborate with others through this blog. My professional portfolio can be found here: Thanks for stopping by!

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